The UHW union
leaders are
the very patients and health care workers they claim to represent

Leaders of the United Healthcare Workers Union (UHW) are at it again.

This year, the union is behind 8 ballot measures that, if passed, would badly damage our health care safety net, hurting patients and healthcare workers alike.

Since 2011, the UHW union has wasted nearly $22 million dollars of member dues pushing 20 different state and local ballot measures.

The UHW union has pushed state and local ballot measures that:

  • Would jeopardize the ability of local hospitals and health clinics to stay open.
  • Would limit resources available to pay health care workers competitive wages and benefits.
  • Would restrict what insurance companies pay for dialysis care - jeopardizing access to care for dialysis patients who are vulnerable and ill.
  • UHW ballot measure “would surely have led to major service and employee cutbacks, and possibly hospital closures.”

    Orange County Register Editorial   |   May 9, 2014
  • UHW’s ballot measure “could cause hospitals to… reduce staff and cut or eliminate services”.

    San Francisco Chronicle   |   February 3, 2012
  • “A perversion of the initiative process.”

    Los Angeles Times Opinion Column   |   July 4, 2016
  • UHW’s initiatives “spit in the eye of the democratic process”

    Orange County Register Editorial   |   May 9, 2014